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About Electric Guitars


         World Music Supply offers electric guitars from the top brands in the guitar industry.  We began selling electric guitars from our retail store Sight & Sound in Muncie Indiana in 1993 starting with our first guitar line which was Washburn Guitars.  Over the years we’ve added guitar lines, changed up our electric guitar brands from time to time and have expanded our inventory.  Most notable was when we opened our ecommerce division in 1998.  Through the years we’ve seen many trends in electric guitars including body styles, pickups, neck profiles, colors, and other changes as the guitar industry has evolved.  

         Solid body electrics have remained the staple item, however. Hollow body guitars like Gretsch Electric Guitars and the ever popular Washburn HB35 have seen their peaks and valleys but remain a strong contender.  The ever popular and trademarked Fender Stratocaster body shape has been the staple iconic body shape that most electric guitars are modeled after. It was invented back in 1954 by Leo Fender and George Fullerton and has since set the standard in electric guitar body shape and the look of the rock and roll guitarists.  Famous guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and just about every famous rocker since have played the Fender Strat.  Its popular counterpart and precursor the Fender Telecaster, is arguable the second most popular body shape, alongside the iconic Gibson Les Paul body shape. The Fender Tele as it is often called, which is short for telecaster, has found its own niche in country music and classic rock with its twangy bright sound.

         With the 1980’s bringing glam rock, hair bands, and metal onto the scene more attention was put into the pickups, neck profile, and of course the double locking tremolo.  The guitar bodies followed mostly the strat shape and then deviated into the wild and artistic shapes inspired by the likes the flying v and the explorer from decades past. Designs inspired by these forerunners include the many famous BC Rich body shapes like the Warlock, the Beast, Ironbird, Mocking Bird, and more.  One body shape made famous in the 80’s was the iconic Randy Rhoads by Jackson. Jackson guitars were and still remain arguably the king of metal, however, many ESP guitar fans would argue that top position belongs to ESP Electric Guitars with their famous Eclipse body shape, which while similar to the Les Paul, has a slightly edgier look and feel. Neck profiles in the 80’s got thin and fast.  Electric guitar pickups got hotter and hotter with active systems like EMG 81/85 combo, and similar systems manufactured by Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, and more.  The 80’s gave way to the 90’s grunge scene which brought about a fast and dramatic change in the sound and feel of the modern music.  The hair bands were seemingly left behind by this new grunge tone that pulled the oft forgotten guitar designs like the Fender Mustang to the forefront.  This was especially popularized by the late Kirk Cobain of Nirvana with the Seattle scene taking the attention off of a struggling metal scene. 

         The electric guitar has seen many changes over time.  Through the late 90’s and into the new millennia the era of guitar gods and epic guitar heroes seemed to have been replaced with one hit wonders and the pop scene suffered the fate of the “boy band” era and then the teen queens like Britany Spears, Lady Gaga, and seemingly the rock and roll electric guitar sound became just another instrument in the mix.  The electric guitar has since seen a resurgence with bands like Maroon 5, and Five Finger Death Punch who put the high quality DBZ Diamond electric guitars hand crafted in Korea on the scene after Dean Zelinsky (former owner of Dean Electric Guitars) left and Jeff Diamond took over making them the first company to really innovate the electric guitar in decades with their 3D carved body shapes and sleek lines that attracted world renown guitars Zoltan Bathory to make it his exclusive signature series electric guitar. From the screaming electric guitar solos of the 80s, the power rock of the 70’s, the revolutionary tones of the 60’s and the invention of Rock and Roll in the 50’s has given the electric guitar quite a storied history.  There have been 7 and 8 string guitars, synth guitars and baritone guitars, but if we take a step back it still all comes back to that first big huge power chord we strummed as beginners.

         At World Music Supply the electric guitar and its many shapes, colors, styles, and features is why we work so hard to deliver the smile of that power chord, or dive bombing tremolo, or screaming leads, or mellow blues. The electric guitar is simply the means of expression of every emotion, feeling, and passion.