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The World Music Supply Gold Plan provides replacement or service to get back playing in the event of malfunction or defect of your product.  For items eligible for Gold Plan, we Issue a Fedex pickup tag, repair or replace the item, and then pay the shipping costs to return your item back to you! 


Gold Plan service is available on most of the products we sell to give you the best performance out of the products you purchase. The Gold Plan covers defective or malfunctioned items within the Gold Plan period to save you time, money, and costly expenses to repair or replace your item.



For Service follow these simple steps:


1) Call 1 (800) 867-4611 and ask for Gold Plan Service. Upon validation of Gold Plan coverage we will issue an RMA # if it is determined that the item is covered under the Gold Plan.      

2) Properly package your item according the carriers specifications and enclose the original receipt and original Gold Plan certificate

3) Write the RMA number on the shipping label in marker

4) We will issue a return shipping label**



Terms & Conditions




Term of Service:

This is a legal contract hereafter referred to as "Gold Plan”.  By Purchasing the Gold Plan, you understand that it is a binding contract by and between the purchaser (customer, you, purchaser) and World Music Supply a division of Sight & Sound Productions, Inc (we, us). and acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to read the terms and conditions set forth herein free of duress.  The World Music Supply Gold Plan is a prepaid service certificate to the original purchaser for a period of time established at the time of purchase declared on the customers invoice.  1 year plans begin on the invoice date and ends 1 year from invoice date.  3 year plans begin on the invoice date and end 3 years from the invoice date.  RMA# must be issued on or before the end date.  Gold Plans are non-transferable and are non refundable in the event of item return.


All returns must have an RMA#, the original receipt, and your original WMS Gold Plan Certificate.   Make sure to package your item well.  When the product is received back eligible products will either be repaired or replaced at our option.  If not replacement is available, we may offer a similar product of equal value, or a store credit. We will pay the return shipping (for contiguous 48 US States).  For customers outside the 48 Contiguous 48 US States, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.  Items delivered to our warehouse without an RMA# shall be refused delivery or shall incur a $20.00 handling fee.



Customer must keep and retain the original Gold Plan Certificate. Your Gold Plan Certificate will come with your shipment if shipped to you from our warehouse.  If your item drop ships to you directly from the manufacturer your Gold Plan Certificate will me mailed to you.  If you do receive it within 30 days, you must call us for a replacement.  After 30 days no replacement shall be provided.  Keep your Gold Plan Certificate in a safe place, without it there shall be no Gold Plan service or replacement provided.   


What is covered:

The World Music Supply Gold Plan covers the repair or replacement of the item at our discretion for eligible products that are defective and have malfunctioned due to manufacturer's defects* and the cost to ship your item to you. The Gold Plan covers things like defective: guitar necks, guitar pickups, tuning keys, tremolos, internal and external power supplies, switches, potentiometers, internal wiring, internal electronic components, motors, sliders, faders, and more.   If your item malfunctions or is defective within the period of your Gold Plan, simply call us at 1 800 867 4611 to talk to a representative for an RMA (return merchandise authorization).  When an eligible product is repaired or replaced we will pay the shipping (for contiguous 48 US States) to get it back to you.


Original Purchaser:

The Gold Plan is non-transferable and is to the original purchaser.  To ensure we are dealing with the original purchaser, we will only ship back to the original purchasers address on the invoice.  If you have moved, you can send a photocopy of your id showing the new address enclosed with the copy of your receipt.


World Music Supply or the original manufacturer only shall determine if a product is in fact defective and eligible for Gold Plan service. Your local music store or repair center's statements or opinions do not determine eligibility. Any statements or diagnostics must be by a factory authorized service center in writing on company letterhead to be considered when eligibility or service is in question. Statements or diagnostics made by anyone other than a factory authorized service center shall have no validity in determining eligibility. 


Incomplete returns:. 

All parts, footswitches, power supplies, and all included manufacturers essential included items must be returned.  If all original items included are not included we may decline Gold Plan Service, or remove or withhold parts that were missing from a replacement unit such as knobs, fader caps, footswitches, power supplies, mounting parts, etc.



World Music Supply shall not be liable for any delays in processing Gold Plan returns due to, including but not limited to, back ordered replacement, back ordered parts, parts or replacement shipping transit times, lost package tracers, or any other cause.


Simple Fix:

We may at our discretion send out simple repair or replacement parts for the customer to install or replace.  A simple fix is defined as replacement of defective parts including but not limited to lugs, bolts, truss rod wrench, tuning keys, components, or other items that can be replace with a screw driver, pliers, wrench or simple tools without gaining access to dangerous electrical circuits.  To avoid potential injury or death DO NOT attempt to open or service any electronic device and follow all manufacturers' instructions.

What is not covered:

The Gold Plan is NOT and insurance policy. No coverage shall exist for the following: Incidental or consequential damage, damage from misuse or abuse, acts of war, violence, civil unrest, fire, loss, theft, Items with altered or removed serial numbers, using non factory power supply, batteries, battery leakage, or battery terminals, metal plating, adhesive coverings, finish cracks, introduction of any foreign objects into the product, items with non factory modifications, alterations, or changes are made to the product, items that have been refinished or modified, any item that comes with no manufacturers warranty or warranty coverage, failure to follow all manufacturers instructions and warnings, fire, theft, water damage, rust, corrosion,  preventative or routine maintenance, cracked or damaged product casing, housing, or enclosure, cosmetic damage, discoloration, finish or covering delaminating, deterioration, chips, cracks, dents, dings, or items of subjective nature such as action, playability, tone, intonation, or sound quality or clarity, or any product installed or having evidence of being installed into a residential, commercial, institutional, or other installed location or used in a rental or production service, or any item showing excessive wear and tear


The following specific components shall not be covered including: factory programs, software, memory stored settings, raw speakers, speaker cones, speaker voice coils, high frequency drivers or diaphragms, non LED stage or DJ lights, speaker or amplifier cabinets or enclosures, cabinet coverings (carpet, vinyl, tolex, etc), , accessories, guitar nuts, saddles, strap buttons, straps, pick guards, supplies, recorded media, software, antennas, novelties, case buckles or latches, vacuum tubes, carrying bags, zippers, handles, caster wheels, foot switches, or expendables including but limited to: strings, frets, sticks, drumheads, percussion instrument skins, percussion snares, drum pedal chains, cymbal felts, cables, adapters, connectors, cartridges, styluses, bulbs, lamps, fuses, electronic power or preamp tubes, switch caps or covers, knobs, dented cymbals, rubber tubing, heating elements of any kind, stripped screws, nuts, bolts, gears, or items serviced by non factory authorized service centers. 


Previously Serviced Items:

If your item was service anytime between your purchase and returning it for Gold Plan Coverage: 1) Your Gold Plan shall be void if the repairs or service was provided or attempted by a non factory authorized service center.  2) If your item was serviced by a factory authorized service center you must include documentation to support it.  3) If your item shows signs of service attempt or being opened or taken apart or contains any non factory screws, nuts, bolts, or parts of any kind your Gold Plan Shall be void.  4) Gold Plan shall be void if the item has been modified from original factory specifications in any way.


Returned items without coverage:

If an item arrives was clearly damaged or abused, no coverage will exist.  The customer shall have the following options: 1) World Music Supply can assist you in acquiring manufacturer repair 2) World Music Supply  may repair the item if possible for a fee 3) World Music Supply can assist you in finding a repair center 4) World Music Supply can ship the item back for the cost of the shipping 5) World Music Supply can dispose of the item for you.  World Music Supply shall contact customer by phone or email in the event an item returned is not eligible for Gold Plan.  The customer shall have 2 weeks to notify World Music Supply of their choice of action.  After 2 weeks the item shall be considered abandoned.  


Limitations of Liability:  

Gold Plan service provides the customer with a one time single repair or replacement with free return shipping back to the customer.  For all subsequent service, the customer shall be responsible for all freight costs to and from the customer.  World Music Supply's liability shall be limited to the lesser of the cost of the following at our discretion: (1) factory authorized repairs, (2) replacement with a product of similar features, or (3) Store credit equal to the price that you paid for the original product (cost of shipping of original item(s) to the original purchaser paid for by either World Music Supply, or the customer shall be deducted from store credit.


Return Packing & Shipping: 

Item(s) should be properly packed in accordance to the carriers instructions. World Music Supply will include at it’s expense shipping insurance for any return shipment label it issues. In the event, that an item arrives damaged from the customer using a prepaid shipping label issued by World Music Supply,  World Music Supply will file a damage claim.  Upon receipt of payment from the carrier, the customer shall be entitled to store credit equal to the lesser of the two: 1) The original purchase price. 2) The amount paid by the shipping carrier to World Music Supply.  In the event the damage claim is unpaid by the carrier due to reasons of improper packaging, the Gold Plan shall be void, and the customer shall not be entitled to any recover and hold harmless World Music Supply.  World Music Supply often self insures its outbound shipments, and not all of its shipments meet carrier guidelines.  World Music Supply makes no guarantee either expressed or implied that its packaging meets shipping carrier specifications or minimum standards.



Malfunction / Defect Definition:

 *"Malfunction” "defect” and "defective” are defined as "The mechanical, electrical, or structural failure of the product caused by defects in materials or workmanship by the manufacturer".


*Prepaid Return Labels:

Prepaid Labels return shipping will be issued for items as follows:  1) the items must be eligible for Gold Plan service.  2) The customer must have the original sales receipt AND Gold Plan certificate.  3) The item price must be over $100.00 4) The item must be under 60lbs (or 60Lbs dimensional weight as determined by Fedex). 5) the item must be within the 48 contiguous US States. 6) The claim must be made by the original purchaser.


*Return Shipping Back to Customer:

Return Shipping will be paid as follows: 1) the items must be eligible for Gold Plan service. 2) The shipping address must be in the 48 contiguous US States. 3) The item must be within FedEx ground shipping service weight and size restrictions.  


For items outside the contiguous 48 US States or that are too heavy or large for Fedex Ground Shipping Service, the customer shall be responsible for ALL shipping costs.


Other Terms & Conditions:

All agreements and terms are contained in this written policy and any and all amendments must be in writing. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Terms and conditions at the time of item purchase shall be applicable to said items. In the event of dispute any and all claims must be filed in and shall be in the jurisdiction of St Joseph County, IN, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys fees.  World Music Supply reserves the right to cancel Gold Plan at any time, and refund any current Gold Plan fees to the original purchaser.  World Music Supply Gold Plan shall be void where prohibited. Customer agrees that World Music Supply, it’s parent company Sight & Sound Production, Inc, it’s employees, agents, affiliates, owners, or assignees liability shall be limited to the lesser of the purchase price, replacement, or store credit equal to original purchase price at World Music Supply’s discretion.



By Purchasing Gold Plan, the customer agrees to all terms and conditions contained herein at the time of purchase.



World Music Supply is a division of Sight & Sound Productions, Inc.



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