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Zildjian Cymbals, Packages and Cymbal Cases

The Zildjian Company is one of the oldest family owned companies dating back to it's founder Avedis Zildjian who was an alchemist who discovered a secret formuly of alloys that when used to make cymbals produced an incredible vibrant and brilliant shimmering tone. That same formula is still used today to make the worlds finest cymbals used by the top drummers in the industry. From Zildjian's crash cymbals, to the hi hats, and ride cymbals they produce everythign to outfit your drum set. If you want to add unique tones to your drumset and cymbal arsenal, they make a complete line of china cymbals. A chineese cymbal is flared out and has a real harsh attack that is used for effects. Also they manufacture a complete line of splash cymbals. They have many different lines of cymbals as you will see below that include many of their trade mark tones like the new beat hi hats, thier ping ride, and their rock ride. Their cymbals are offered in many variations for country, pop, rock, jazz, blues and many other types of music. Zildjian cymbals come in medium, thin, heavy, dark, rock, and various other custom artists versions. For the best cymbal tones rangine from cheap priced entry level to the highest quality level professional cymbals look no further than Zildjian.

The Zildjain Avedis cymbals, or more commonly called Zildjian A cymbals are the pinicle of the Zildjan Cymbal product line, and are the most widely used crash, hi hat, splash, and ride cymbals cymbals by professionals ever produced.

Zildjian A Custom cymbals take the A series, or Avedis to the next level with their brilliant look and tone.

The Zildjian K Custom cymbals are the choice for many top level jazz drummers, that set the standard for modern cymbal design.

Loud, powerfull, and cutting... Thats how we sum up the Zildjian Z Custom series cymbals. For heavy hitting, while deliverying a penetrating sound, Z custom cymbals are for the powerfull sound.

Cymbals: Budget, low priced, cheap cymbals, and quality have never really come together until the Zildjian ZBT Series. inexpensive cymbals always sounded dull, but the new ZBT Series brings a brilliant shimmering tone the price driven buyer.

The Zildjian ZXT Cymbals bridge the gap between entry level, price, and performance, and bring higher levels of quality and tone to moderate price levels.

Bridge the price gap between sheet and cast cymbals with the new ZHT amped up alloy cymbals by Zildjian. Their higher tin content (Zildjian Higher Tin = ZHT) allows for a more musical tone with shimmering brilliance unheard of in a sheet bronze cymbal.

Zildjian cymbal packages come in combinations of chinese, ride, crash, spalsh, and hihat cymbals in a variety of sizes and thickness. Zildjian cymbal packages are great for upgrading your cymbals while providing tremendous value!