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Ibanez SR405EQMSLG Electric Bass Sr

  • Brand: Ibanez

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​The Ibanez SR bass range has long been associated with delivering incredible bang for your buck bass punch. Coming in under £500 the Ibanez SR405EQM-SLG in Surreal Blue Burst offers specs you just don't see on guitars within this price bracket. The super resonant Mahogany body, with a Quilted Maple top, has slick curves and a really crisp finish; the wood can really breathe and in turn produces lush, deep bass tones. The SR5 neck is known for its slim, easy to play profile, with a 5 piece Maple/Rosewood construction it has enhanced sustain, stability and is just begging to be played. The Ibanez PowerSpan Dual Coil pickups deliver a super strong signal and insane note definition. The exposed pole pieces increase the higher frequency response without compromising on the low end; it gives you a real dynamic presence. A 3 band EQ system works with the power tap switch for maximum control and with a huge variety of tonal options you will never be caught short! With the option to play single coil, humbucker or a combination, you get out of this world clarity and versatility. The Ibanez SR405EQM-SLG is such good value for money, from beginners to pro's, this bass is a great choice!


    • neck type
      • SR55pc Maple/Walnut neck
    • top/back/body
      • Quilted Maple topNyatoh body
    • fretboard
      • JatobaWhite dot inlay
    • fret
      • Medium frets
    • bridge
      • Accu-cast B305 bridge
    • string space
      • 16.5mm
    • neck pickup
      • PowerSpan Dual Coil neck pickupPassive
    • bridge pickup
      • PowerSpan Dual Coil bridge pickupPassive
    • equaliser
      • Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/3-way Power Tap switch
    • hardware color
      • Cosmo black

      • Scale : 864mm/34"
      • a : Width 45mm at NUT
      • b : Width 68mm at 24F
      • c : Thickness 19.5mm at 1F
      • d : Thickness 21.5mm at 12F
      • Radius : 305mmR

      Guitar Neck Diagram
      a: Width of the neck at the nut
      b: Width of the neck at the first fret
      c: Thickness of the neck at the first fret
      d: Thickness of the neck at the twelfth fret
      Radius: Radius of the fingerboard


    SR405EQM's control diagram


    With the bass held in the playing position, there are three small knobs closest to the lower edge of the body. Directionally, from the lower bout towards the neck knobs are treble boost/cut, mid boost/cut, and bass boost/cut. There are two larger knobs above these, closer to the bridge. The knob closest to the neck controls volume, and the knob next to it is the pickup balancer control. There is a 3-way power tap switch next to the balancer knob. When the switch is in neck position, the humbuckers are tapped. When the switch is in center position, the humbuckers are in series. when the switch is in bridge position, the humbuckers are in power tap mode, which is tapped with additional low end added.


    SR405EQM's EQ curve diagram


    The bass boost/cut frequency curve has a peak at 20 Hz, the variable width becomes smaller toward the high range, and the variable width becomes zero at about 1000 Hz. The variable range becomes slightly larger in the high range than around 1000 Hz, but it becomes zero again near 5000 Hz. The variable range of the peak frequency is approximately ±15 dB. The treble boost/cut frequency curve draws a mountain-shaped curve with a peak at around 10,000 Hz and zero variable range around 100 Hz. The variable range of the peak frequency is approximately ±15 dB. The mid-boost/cut frequency curve creates a bell-shaped curve with a peak around 450 Hz, and the variable width becomes zero near 20 Hz and around 10,000 Hz. The variable range of the peak frequency is approximately ±15 dB.

eBay - Electric Guitar
Body Material Flamed Maple top / Nyatoh body
Brand Ibanez
Country/Region of Manufacture Indonesia
String Configuration 6
Color Autumn Leaf Gradation
Pickup Configuration HH / DiMarzio® Air Norton™ (H) neck pickup / DiMarzio® The Tone Zone® (H) bridge pickup
Neck Material Roasted Maple neck / Wizard III
Fretboard Jatoba fretboard / White dot inlay

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