DBZ Guitars


Hey guys, I know its been a long, long time, but Brian of the World Music Supply blog has made his return! I was finally able to move around things in my schedule to yet again reasonably accommodate the blog, so lets get down to business. I am here to today to talk about some awesome guitars we have right now from our good friends over at DBZ. We here at World Music Supply love DBZ Guitars. Its as simple as that. They are high quality guitars, made with high quality parts, with precision workmanship, what’s not to like?



Hey guys its Brian with World Music Supply here to bring you your usual dose of gear and guitar reviews. In today’s blog I got to check out some cool goodies from our friends over at ESP. We here at WMS have a special place in our cumulative heart for ESP, they’re cool looking, they don’t cost an arm and a leg, and they sound great no matter what you throw at them, and when it comes to guitars you just cant do better than that. So lets get down to business with the center piece of today’s review, the Viper256.

MXR Pedals


Hey guys, Brian here again with World Music Supply, and I’m back with another dose of gear and guitar reviews. Today might have been aslightly slower day, as we’re getting ready to head off to NAMM, and find sometasty new treats for all of you gear lovers, as such I didn’t have a ton oftime to sit down and review something super complicated for you all, but what Idid certainly have an appeal all their own. Today I got to look at two classicsfrom our friends over at MXR. First up to bat today, is a personal favorite,the MXR Dyna-Comp.

New and Improved Jackson 7 and 8 String Guitars


Hi everyone, it’s Brian with World Music Supply here tobring you your usual dose of gear and guitar reviews, and do I have a treat instore for you all today! Today I am going to be talking about some of the new Jacksons that came out atNAMM this year, more specifically their new line of entry level seven and eightstring guitars. Now they won’t be out on the market until the end of the month,but I got a chance to sit down, and quickly give these guys a once over justfor you guys.

Parker Guitars PDF Series


Hey guys, Brian from World Music Supply again, bringing you your usual dose of gear and guitar reviews. Today I got to check out something I have only dreamed of since I was say 13 or so, I got to review a Parker guitar. I remember when Parkers first started getting big, I had the joy of trying one out in a store, it was weird, but in the same way being weightless would be weird, cool but confusing. The body was so amazingly thin and light that had I not felt strings under my fingers I might not have known I was wearing a guitar at all. From its arrays of knobs and switches, its ability to sound like an acoustic with the flick of a switch, its weird knob behind the bridge that controlled the flat spring for the vibrato, heck even its shape was out of this world.

Takamine Guitars


Hey guys it's Brian with World Music Supply again, here to bring you another dose of guitar and gear reviews. In today's blog, I got to take a look at two great guitars from our friends over at Takamine. I always love Takamines, they make such consistently good guitars, that sometimes its easy to get caught up in the sound of one, and totally ignore how amazing they look, and how good their build quality is. Today however I got to play a few that just couldn’t be ignored, and the list begins with one of our best sellers right now, the EF340SCGN.

Takamine Pro Series


Hey guys its Brian from World Music Supply, sorry for yetanother rather lengthy hiatus from the blog, what with all of these newproducts flying in after NAMM, its difficult to find time to even breathe, letalone sit down and review a guitar or three, just not enough hours in theday. Well today I got a free minutes, soI used it to look at a couple of coolguitars by way of our friends over at  Takamine Guitars. Over the past couple of yearsTakamine has been more or less consolidating some of their higher end models totry and get a better, more applicable guitar into the hands of some of today’smost demanding musicians.

TC Electronic Classic 450


Hey guys its Brian with World Music Supply again, here tobring you another dose of gear and guitar reviews. In today’s blog I am goingto bring you a nice change of pace, I get to bring a review of a really coolamp from our friends over at TC electronics, the Classic450. I know I do a lotof reviews for guitars and guitar equipment, and while I did start out onguitar, I started out playing for my first band as the bass player. I testedthe amplifier today with my personal Fender 4 string Jazz bass that I have usedfor years, and an active 5 string fretless that we keep laying around thewarehouse, all plugged into a TCElectronics RS410 speaker cabinet.

The History of Ovation Guitars


In 1966, that's exactly what the music industry was asking. After all, what is a successful helicopter manufacturer doing in the guitar making industry? Anyone who knew Charlie Kaman wouldn't find this to be odd or unusual. Charlie from early on was a free spirit pioneer. How else could he have built Kaman Aircraft from scratch in 1945 with $5,000 in equipment and $2,000 in cash? In 1965, Kaman Aircraft determined that to ensure company stability, diversification was imperative. 

Visual Sounds Guitar Pedals


Hey guys, Brian here again with World Music Supply, back to bring you another dose of Guitar and gear reviews. Today starts off a lot like last week ended, simply because today we are again reviewing some amazing stomp boxes, but this time around from our friends over at Visual Sounds. I have been a big fan of Visual Sounds pedals ever since I got to play with a Jekyll and Hyde overdrive that a friend of mine owned, it was big and red, and it sounded amazing, also my friend said you could back a truck over the housing and it wouldn’t break. We never tested that last part, but I’ve seen Youtube videos that prove its true. However that is enough reminiscing, its on to the reviews!

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