LED Special Effects

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American DJ Flat Par Tri18XS Ultra bright low profile DMX LED par 18 x 3 wa

The ADJ Flat Par TRI18XS is a professional “low profile” LED Par Can ..


American Dj Micro Galaxian II NEW MODEL IR control Red and green laser show

Light up any party with the Micro Galaxian II laser. This green and r..


American DJ Mega par profile 3 watt UV LED for UV effect & vibirant color m

The ADJ Mega Par Profile Plus is a compact, low profile par designed ..


American DJ Flat Par QA12XS ultra bright low profile lay flat par Snoot Inc

Take your color mixing to the next level with the ADJ Flat Par QA12XS..


Chauvet Cubix 2.0 Muliticolored Centerpiece LED Effects Light

The Chauvet Cubix 2.0 is a multicolored, LED centerpiece that combine..


American DJ Mega Tripar Profile ultra bright RGB plus UV LED (QUAD Led) for

The ADJ Mega Tripar Profile Plus is a compact, low profile par design..


American DJ Flat Par QWH12XS ultra bright RGBW low profile lay flat par Sno

So many options! With LED lighting, you can have limitless color opti..


American DJ Mega Tri64 Profile NEW MODEL with 12 x QUAD (RGB+UV 4 -in-1) LE

DetailsThe Mega Tri64 Profile is an amazing light featuring twelve br..


American DJ Profile Panel RBG LED DMX LED Panel

The American DJ Profile Panel is a Bright indoor LED Color Panel with..


American DJ Flat Par Tri 7X LED DMX Ultra Bright LED Panel 7x 3 Watt 3 in o

The Flat PAR TRI7XS from American DJ is a professional LED PAR can wi..


Chauvet MotionDrape LED backdrop

The Chauvet MotionDrape LED is a backdrop for any mobile performer. T..


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