Vocal Microphones

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CAD Audio D89 Dynamic Vocal or Instrument Microphone

  The CADLive D89 supercardioid dynamic instrument mic is out..


CAD Audio GXL2200BP Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser

The condenser microphone consists of a thin conductive membrane stret..


Shure Motiv MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone Gray USB Lighting Connection

The gray with black foam Shure MOTIV MV5 is a cardioid USB/..


Shure MV51 Digital Studio Condenser Microphone

The MV51 feels like the real deal because it is. Unparalleled audio i..


Shure BETA87A Handheld Vocal Mic

The Shure Beta 87A offers features, reliability, and sound quality th..


CAD Audio DH100 Drummer / Isolation Headphones - 50mm Drivers

DH100 DRUMMER ISOLATION HEADPHONES Reduces high sound pressure ..


Audio Technica ATM410 Vocal Microphone

The vocal microphone used by a band is arguably the most important in..


Shure BETA 58 Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Whether It's lead vocals or backup vocals the Shure Beta 58 a has it ..


CAD Audio CAD22A Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

A dynamic microphone is like a loudspeaker in reverse. Push current t..


CAD Audio D189 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

Precisely circumnavigate an ultra-fine thread of conduction around hi..


Audio Technica AE4100 Vocal Microphone

The Audio Technica AE4100 is a world class dynamic microphone that is..


Shure SM58 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone

The legendary Shure vocal mic is tuned to accentuate the warmth and c..


CAD Audio GXL3000BP Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Black Pearl Chrome F

Borne of precious metal and pure electricity. Tune two golden membran..


Audio Technica AE3300 Vocal Microphone

For a truly professional microphone that provides excellent sound and..


CAD Audio CadLive D38X3 Dynamic Microphone 3 Pack

CAD Audio CadLive D38X3 Dynamic Microphone 3 Pack   The CA..


Shure SM57 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Vocal Microphone

The Shure SM57 unidirectional dynamic microphone is exceptional for m..


Audio Technica AE6100 Vocal Microphone

Say goodbye to all of your gripes with other microphones and meet the..


CAD Audio CadLive D32 Dynamic Microphone

CAD Audio CadLive D32 Dynamic Microphone   Cad audio D32 M..


Audio Technica AT2010 Cardioid Condenser Hand Held Vocal Microphone

The AT2010 from Audio Technica is a large diaphragm cardioid condense..


CAD Audio CadLive D90 Dynamic Microphone with Case

The CADLive D90 supercardioid dynamic handheld mic is outfitted with ..


Audio Technica AE5400 Vocal Microphone

AE stands for Artist Elite, and that's exactly what the Audio Technic..


Audio Technica AT2020-USB plus Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone with US

The AT2020 USB Plus Mic: Audio-Technica Quality For Your Desktop P..


Shure 55SH Iconic Unidyne Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone

If you want to capture a classic look, you need the gear to match the..


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