Aphex Expander Gate Model 612 Stereo Expander/Noise Gate

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Aphex Expander Gate Model 612 Stereo Expander/Noise Gate Aphex Expander Gate Model 612 Stereo Expander/Noise Gate
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If you're looking to make the next step up in gating technology and need complete control over dynamics using a dual channel processor, than the Aphex Model 612 Expander/Gate is the best choice in outboard processing gear. It incorporates roprietary detection circuitry that provides the most reliable, accurate and stable operation of any gate. With the ability to increase your 
dynamics along with lowering the noise floor of your gear, the 612 uses the highest quality VCA's to assure that you will never hear a click in your material again! The Model 612 also offers the highest quality audio path, flexible high "Q" key filters, key headphone outputs on the front panel and remote controlled bypass relays. All these features make the Model 612 the choice of professionals in recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement. Whether you are using it to keep your vocals clean and your bass sounds tight and fat, or anything from controlling feedback to using it as a voice-over and paging system, the Aphex 612 is a phenomenal addition to your processing rack! 

Features: * Logic Assisted Gate Circuitry: combines sophisticated level detection with logic generated control voltage assuring 
positive, stable and accurate triggering regardless of attack time. Patents pending. * Ultra-pure Audio Path: Proprietary Aphex VCA 1001 voltage controlled attenuator assures the highest audio quality, speed and freedom from DC control feed through (no clicks 
regardless of attack time). * Parametric key input filters - 24 dB/octave: Switchable parametric filters with frequency and bandwidth controls allow user greater ease of frequency selection. * Key Monitor headphone jack: provides ability to monitor key input 
without disrupting audio output. * Dedicated downward expander mode: allows high resolution of ratio adjustment: from 1.2:1 to 10:1. * 119 dB dynamic range. * Switchable ducking mode: Fully adjustable control of trigger threshold, attack time, hold time, release time, expander ratio, and attenuation range. * Simple and accurate metering system. * Improved servo-balanced input and output circuits. * +4/-10 operation, rear panel selectable. * Hardwire relay bypass: remote controllable. * Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. 

Benefits: * Best commercially available noise gate provides unmatched performance in all parameters - Lowest distortion (0.005% typical) - Widest frequency response (5 Hz 100kHz) - No clicks, regardless of attack speed - Ultra-quiet and reliable * Fast setup, stable, reliable, accurate * Simple and intuitive to operate * Rugged and durable construction * High dynamic range is most suitable for quality digital and analog recording applications * Versatile - can be used in all recording and live performance applications * Best user-value in terms of features, performance quality, and durability relative to purchase price 

Applications: * Control audio leakage in stage 
and studio applications * Increase dynamics of any program material-recorded or live * Manipulate external audio program for voice-overs and automatic level changes * Key external sounds to any audio track * reshape any sound envelope * Control feedback in live sound applications * Create special dynamic effects This unit comes in the original 
packing/shipping box, manual, AC cord