Bugera BC30 Boutique Style Tube Amplifier


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Bugera BC30 Boutique Style Tube Amplifier Bugera BC30 Boutique Style Tube Amplifier
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Unmatched tone.

Arguably the hottest amplifier company in the business right now, Bugera has become a full force juggernaut in creating great sounding, well-built, affordable tube amps for guitar and bass. Meet the amp that has everyones head spinning - the BC30. A modern take on a classic amplifier design used by everyone from the Beatles to the Foo Fighters, the Bugera BC30 is a musical instrument unto itself. It matches perfectly with all styles of guitars and pickup combinations, just like a great amp should.

The BC30 gets its immense power from a quad-set of matched EL84 power tubes and Class A design. For those who aren't familiar with this type of amp - this is no wimpy 30 watter. Most 50 watt tube amps cower in fear at the sheer volume and presence of the BC30 - it will shake the walls. For that reason, Bugera has included a power switch to knock the amp down to 15 watts as-needed. In 15 watt mode, the BC30 will easily compete with a full band/pa system and will perform just fine in small clubs with little to no miking.

Featuring two unique channels and two inputs per channel, the BC30 allows for a smorgasbord of tonal options. The first channel features two 12AX7s, creating a parallel triode circuit. This channel is remarkably good for cleans and "dig-in" overdrive sounds. The second channel is built for hi-gain on a specially selected 12AX7 valve coupled to a 6-position tone switch - and this channel really roars! Each channel has its own respective effects loop, which can be used to create a "3rd channel." By using a short '

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