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Drum Sets | Percussion

5 and 6 piece drum sets most include cymbals, throne and mounting hardware. A wide choice of colors are available!

Jr. Drum Sets

Checkout the Junior, intermediate and child beginner drum sets by Ludwig and Rockwood made by Hoehner!!

Snare Drums

Ludwig and Mapex Snare drums and Beginner snare drums.

Conga Drums

Latin Percussion and Toca congas in a variety of sizes, colors and combinations.

Bongo Drums

Bongos and stands by Latin Percussion and Toca come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Cajon Hand Drums

Other Hand drums! Featuring Latin Percussion Cajons and the Toca Cajons in a variety of colors, woods and sizes.

Bells, Chimes and Blocks

Latin Percussion and Toca cowbells & blocks, chimes and bells with a selection of mounts, colors and types.

Hand-held Percussion

WMS stocks a wide selection of tambourines & shakers maracas, claves and sticks with multiple handles and mount options.


A wide selection of hi hats, crash, ride and Chinese cymbals! We stock complete lines of Sabian and Zildjian cymbals.

Cymbal Packages

Deck your drum kit out with Sabian or Zildjian cymbal packages of hi hats, crash, ride and Chinese cymbal combinations and metals!

Cymbal Stands

Choose from a selection of heavy duty professional Mapex and Gibraltar cymbal stands we have in stock!

Drum Thones

For comfort choose Gibraltar or Drum Workshop drum thrones! We stock heavy duty professional drum seats.

Bass Drum Pedals

We stock Gibraltar, Drum Workshop and Mapex single and double bass pedals!

Instrument Mounting Hardware

Check out our stock of professional Gibraltar, Mapex and Latin Percussion mounting hardware!

Drum Cases

Drum cases by Gator and Sabian. There are also drum polishes and accessories.

Up for Any Battle The Command Mesh Kit features all mesh-head pads t..


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Desktop Audio, Solved MultiMix 8 USB FX features four XLR inputs w..


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Space-Saving Kit with Shallow-Depth Shells and TD-17 Module The VA..


The Speed Cobra 310 series was developed using the same design princi..


Utilizing the same offset cam shape as the Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide..


The newest addition to the Iron Cobra series, the Iron Cobra 600's mo..


The Tama Speed Cobra 910 delivers the perfect balance of raw aggressi..


Both the straight/boom 5700 and straight 5710 offer drummers heavy-ga..


The DW 5500D Delta II 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand has a ball bearing hinge and..


A straight-forward design that fits 12, 13 and 14” snare drums. Steel..


Raw Crashes are some of the most unrefined and funky cymbals they've ..


DESCRIPTION: With its 14" x 4" round cushioned top, the T570A throne..


The HS40LOW snare stand is suitable for drummers who prefer to set th..


Self-aligning eye-bolt design simplifies mounting. Accommodates 3/8^2..


  The Latin Percussion Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell is crafted fr..


These perfect entry level bongos offer quality construction and sound..


Natural, bright, not too high, not too low. Speaks very quickly. Beau..


K Custom Crash with new bell design. Faster decay and quicker respons..


Fast, colorful, short crash sound. Very musical. CATEGORY: A Cu..


Good Stick definition, yet good degree of colorful, warmer undertones..


The A Series Zildjian is the world's most popular and versatile cymba..

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