Zildjian K Series Zildjian K0800 K Crash Ride Cymbal Pack

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Zildjian cymbals continue to inspire drummers today with their deep, warm, and expressive sounds first developed by Kerope Zildjian in 19th Century Turkey. The K Series of cymbals honors this legacy through the use of elaborate hammering and lathing techniques, trying to once again capture that iconic sound, cymbals made with this Zildjian alloy are versatile cymbals that are dark yet well suited for a wide variety of musical genres from jazz to rock.


14" K Hi Hats Deep and solid "chick" sound. Low-pitched. Fast Response. 16" K Dark Thin Crash Dark, warm, low-pitched crash. Fast decay. Complex, full-bodied. Very musical. 20" K Ride Cymbal Clear, full-stick definition. Low overtones. 18" K Dark Thin Crash Cymbal Dark, full sounding low-pitched crash. Fast decay. Rich and full of harmonic depth. Very musical
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