LP Latin Percussion Matt Sorum Percussion Pack

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LP Latin Percussion Matt Sorum Percussion Pack
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LP is pleased to celebrate Matt Sorum:

You have to hand it to Matt Sorum, the heavy handed heavy rocking drummer, whose career includes such illustrious giants as The Cult, Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, and whose haunts range from The Viper Room to Madison Square Garden. Matt Sorum is tasteful, professional, consistent in his blunt attack, and, above all, powerful thus his longevity in an industry known for flavors of the month.

To salute this world-class drummer, LP announces the introduction of a special package allowing all hard hitting drummers to share in Matt's unique amalgamation of percussion and drumset, the LP Matt Sorum Percussion Pack.

To highlight those memorable GNR lines, Matt would underscore Slash’s burning guitar with a cutting cowbell pattern. In Velvet Revolver the cowbell enjoys a similar, if somewhat expanded role. To brighten the mood, Matt goes to an LP tambourine. And when he needs an exclamation, Matt uses the Jam Block.

That’s precisely what’s to be found in LP’s Matt Sorum Percussion Pack and more! First to the bell: It’s one of those LP’s designer coups, the LP008 Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell, a powerful and throaty bell voice. Players will instantly recognize its finish, a jet black sheen. It’s the one with LP's specially placed red Jenigor (a brutally tough synthetic) bar, which augments the bell tone and, critical to the working drummer, saves greatly on stick shredding. Matt’s choice of tambourines is the LP179 Cyclops Tambourine in jet black, another incredibly versatile instrument with power in reserve. The bright jingle sound is as fat as it is cutting due to the use of special dimpled brass jingles. Finally, the pack includes a real weapon, the LP 1208-K Stealth Jam Block, a monster in the Jam Block family and specially engraved with a red foil seal.

Three LP instruments built rugged and built for the kind of stadium projection that is the stock and trade of acclaimed drummer Matt Sorum. Yes, we said "and more": the Sorum Percussion Pack also includes an LP 472 Mini Everything Rack, a device that’ll lock a diverse selection of percussion at optimum playing position within the drumset. That’s quite a collection, featuring the ruggedness and designs preferred by Matt Sorum. Everything is packed in a re-usable cardboard case with flexible plastic carrying handle.

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