Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy


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Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
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The Deluxe Memory Boy is the latest addition to the Memory Man family. It carries on the family tradition with new performance aspects that give it unique power and metronomic definition. Quality IC's deliver warm and organic tones, while the new Tap Tempo allows you to always be in perfect sync with the groove.

Choose from five note divisions for metronomic variance, while staying in sync and always on the mark. The added EFX loop integrates your pedals to follow the groove with tonal dexterity. Use an expression pedal to control your modulations for performance flexibility.

The Deluxe Memory Boy is smart and always on time.

  • Total Analog Bucket Brigade Design
  • Power Supply Included
  • Knobs: Blend, Gain, Rate, Depth, Feedback, Delay
  • Expression Mode: Rate, Depth, Feedback, Delay
  • Depth knob controls square/sine and modulation depth
  • Tap Divide Mode
  • FX Loop
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  • EAN: 0683274011059