Electro Harmonix Number 1 Echo Delay Effect Pedal


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Electro Harmonix Number 1 Echo Delay Effect Pedal
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The #1 Echo is a digital echo pedal, part of the Micro (XO) line of guitar effect pedals. Don't let the smaller size be confusing, as this pedal has a huge sound. With a full two seconds of maxium delay time, controlled by the delay time knob, dialing in the exact amount of delay or echo is a breeze. The feedback knob determines how many times the signal is repeated, while the blend control determines how much of the original signal is heard compared to the repeats. The #1 Echo also features:

  • Up to two seconds of delay
  • Blend control
  • Delay Time control
  • Feedback control
  • On/off footswitch
  • LED indicator
  • 1/4" input and output jacks
  • Buffer bypass
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