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Electro Harmonix Riddle Q-Balls for Guitar

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Can you solve the Riddle?

The Riddle is a complex envelope filter specifically designed for electric guitar. This fully analog effects unit is extremely interactive with the player; unique styles and picking dynamics shine through and heavily impact how the Riddle sounds. Combine that fact with the myriad of controls which are all interactive, and you truly have one complex Riddle to solve.

Great for that Quack-Quack Auto-Wah sound, or to produce long, sweeping, synthesizer textures and so much more! You can even plug in an expression pedal for additional control. The Riddle also features a perfect and very complimentary distortion circuit.

  • 80 Hz to 5 kHz frequency response tailored for guitar
  • Optional expression pedal control
  • Fully-analog circuit
  • Switch selectable analog distortion designed for guitar
  • Start and Stop sweep control
  • Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass filter select
  • Start and Stop for filter sweep and Q control
  • Separate Dry and Effect outputs
  • 9.6VDC 200mA power supply included

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