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Electro Harmonix The Mole Bass Boost Pedal

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The Mole is a linear preamp Bass Booster that is also housed in a pedal board friendly, Nano die-cast enclosure. It has the same design characteristics as the Screaming Bird but instead of working in a treble frequency range, it is designed to deliver a bass boost that is centered at 200 Hz. It adds up to 20 dB of gain that is adjustable from a single knob. The single knob acts as a volume control to add gain and low frequency drive that can be pushed to a powerful bottom end distortion.

  • Single transistor design to add up to 20 dB of specific low frequency gain to your amp.
  • Boosts below 400Hz and can provide a bass boost up to 20dB
  • Small easy to daisy chain NANO Chassis
  • 9 volt battery supplied
  • Uses popular 9.6V 200mA power supply
  • True Bypass

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