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Gibraltar 9711 G-Class Single Bass Drum Pedal

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The Gibraltar 9711GS G-Class kick drum pedal's unique design offers the perfect blend of speed, power, and style, it even lets you fine tune the pedal to your liking. The 9711GS's unique and innovative design is easy to set up and easy to adjust for optimized action. Tweak the variable-weight beater for ideal punch and sound. The smooth travel and adjustable action of the Gibraltar 9711GS G-Class kick drum pedal lets you take control of your kick drum like never before.

The Gibraltar 9711GS G-Class kick drum pedals innovative and flexible design is a dream for drummers. You can quickly set the playing tension with the turn of the adjustment wheel, even in the middle of the gig. A cast metal rock plate ensures stability during play and durability for years to come. Independent footboard height and beater adjustment let you perfectly situate the feel of the pedal without changing spring tension.

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