Marshall JCM 800 100 watt all tube head

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The all-tube Marshall JCM800 2203 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head is one of the best quality 100 Watt Marshall heads in the company's long history. Evolving from the legendary 100 Watt 'Plexi' head, it was also their first Master Volume amplifier. The very core of simplicity, the JCM800 2203 is a one channel amp with no reverb or built-in effects. Its surefire interface, characteristic roar and larger-than-life edge immediately set the standard by which all other rock amps were judged and it remained the industry benchmark throughout the entire 16 years of its production life.

Now it's back by popular demand and Marshall has even added a Series Effects Loop that features a true Bypass switch that takes the loop completely out of the circuit (a mod that was often added by players), thus guaranteeing the original tone isn't compromised in any shape or form. The main characteristic that these amps share is their straightforward and ease of operation as well as its excellent natural valve tone. Achieving the stunningly organic and lively overdrive which is their trademark, can only be done in one way - crank 'em up! The result is unadulterated, majestic tone uncluttered by unnecessary circuitry. With solos this yields a big, round, warm, sustain, full of vintage character. With chord work you get a bark and percussive attack with a natural sounding break up, which allows each note to ring out in a glorious musical crunch.


Output (RMS): 100 watts Pre-amp Tubes: 3 x ECC83 Power Amp Tubes: 4 x EL34 3 Band EQ Presence
  • EAN: 5030463127551