Marshall 1967 100W Super Lead Plexi

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To many this is the mythical Plexi, the 100 watt Superlead head of the late 60's,which many consider to be the holy grail of great rock tone. This hand wired 1959 HW head will transport you back in time to that celebrated era of tone all thanks to this breathtaking re-issue that’s authentic right down to the finest detail, from those famous front panel controls, down to the oversized, custom-built drop through  mains transformer. Since 1967 when the first JMP (Jim Marshall Products) Plexi panels were introduced, the Superlead head has been the single amplifier, by which all other tube amplifiers are to be judged. Tube lineup includes 4 EL34s in the power section and 3 ECC83s (12AX7s) in the preamp. True bypass effects loop, 3-band EQ, and presence control. You can find this and many more Marshall Amplifiers at!

Handwired reissue of the legendary 1967 Superlead 100W of raw Marshall tone 4 EL34 power tubes 3 ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes True bypass effects loop 3-band EQ Presence control
  • EAN: 5030463148150