Marshall 2061X 20 Watt Lead and Bass Head

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The Marshall 2061X is a 20W reissue of the legendary "Lead and Bass" 2061 head originally produced by Marshall from 1967 to 1973. Even though the 2061X has a mere 20W of power, it can still crank out deep, golden tones, with plenty of crunsh and character. The Marshall 2061X comes with 2 EL84 tubes in the power amp, 2 ECC83s ( 12AX7s) in the preamp, and rounding out the 2061X is a solid state rectifier. This Beautiful handwired Marshall, and many more Marshall products at!

Hand-wired reissue of the 2061 "Lead and Bass" head 20W 2 EL84 tubes in the power amp 2 ECC83s in the preamp Solid state rectifier
  • EAN: 5030463148105