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Boss SD1 Super Overdrive Guitar Pedal

The SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal gives that warm, natural distortion of..


Boss GEB-7 EQ 7-Band Equalizer for Electric Bass

The GEB-7 is a seven-band equalizer created specifically for the freq..


Dod Phasor 201 Phaser Classic Reissue Pedal

It's back. One of the first phaser effect pedals ever made, the origi..


Gator GPT Pedal Board with Gig Bag 18 inch x 12 Inch & 8 Port Power

The Gator Pedal Tote is a multi The Gator Pedal Tote is a multi-ped..


MXR-M181 Bass Blowtorch Active 3-Band EQ Pedal

The M-181 MXR Bass Blowtorch bass overdrive pedal is made to deliver..


Dunlop 535Q Cry Baby Contour Wah Wah Pedal

The Dunlop Crybaby CB535Q contour-Wah Pedal allows you to change your..


MXR M134 Stereo Chorus Pedal

This gorgeous sounding pedal will remind you how cool chorus can be. ..


MXR M117R Flanger Pedal

Back by popular demand, the MXR flanger creates a variety of wild sou..


Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Darrell Signature Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal

This might just be the most flexible, powerful wah pedal ever. Design..


Boss PCS20A Parallel DC Cord for Boss Guitar Pedals

This parallel DC cord is designed for connection to pedals including ..


TC Electronic Polytune 2

The original PolyTune rocked the world. It forever changed the way pe..


Boss CE5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble Guitar Pedal

The BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble is the ultimate compact chorus pedal, c..


Boss TR2 Tremolo Guitar Pedal

The BOSS TR-2 Tremolo is designed to provide guitarists with classic ..


TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal

The TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal will definatly..


MXR MC401 Boost Pedal Custom Audio Electronics

The MXR MC401 Boost Pedal was designed with Bob Bradshaw "" the lege..


Digitech WhammyDT Drop Tune Midi Control Guitar Fx Unit

Introducing a new addition to the DigiTech Whammy Family --The Whamm..


Boss DD3 Digital Delay Guitar Pedal

The Boss DD3 Digital Delay Guitar Pedal provides a digital delay effe..


Boss OS2 Overdrive and Distortion Guitar Pedal

The OS-2 gives players a choice of overdrive or distortion or lets th..


Dunlop GCB80 Crybaby Highgain Volume Pedal

The Dunlop GCB 80 guitar volume pedal is the industry standard volume..


TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal

The Flashback X4 Delay & Looper combines four Flashback delays plus a..


Boss CH1 Stereo Super Chorus Guitar Pedal

The CH-1 Super Chorus pedal delivers a clean classic chorus sound wit..


Digitech JML2 JamMan Stereo Guitar Looper Pedal

When Digitech developed the PDS 8000 looper pedal over twenty years ..


Boss BD2 Blues Driver Guitar Pedal

The BD-2 Blues Driver delivers the wonderful sounds that we have grow..


Boss BF3 Flanger Guitar Pedal

The new BOSS BF-3 Flanger pedal gives guitarists and bassists an upda..


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