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Guitar Effects Pedals with Boss Brand

The Boss DS1 Distortion Guitar Pedal gives a harder distortion effect..


The CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal compresses louder signals while ..


The BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble is the ultimate compact chorus pedal, c..


Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal Fiery sounding and flexible, the ..


Every now and then you need to kick your sound up a notch. Whether yo..


Fender Santa Ana Overdrive Pedal Fender helped generate the classi..


From single-coil to humbucking pickups the output varies, potentially..


Reverb is an essential element in nearly any rig. Whether you’re addi..


Dynamics are a crucial part of playing music. When controlled they br..


Fender Mirror Image Delay Pedal There’s no denying the power of a ..


A good fuzz pedal is indispensable—this gloriously splatty, satisfyin..


Packed with brutal, high-gain tone and sound-shaping options galore, ..

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