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Guitar Effects Pedals with Electro Harmonix Brand

No one does bucket-brigade effects like Electro-Harmonix and with the..


How many times have you sat in front of your favorite ambient pedal..


The Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker taps into the sonic power of the leg..


The EHX Metal Muff is the ultimate metal distortion pedal. Three po..


The Ecstasy amplifier was born in 1992 and decades later Bogner is ..


The Euphoria has been world renowned for many things over the years..


The Lester K stereo rotary speaker emulator is designed for organ-typ..


The Ecstasy amplifier was born in 1992 and decades later Bogner is ..


DIRTY SHIRLEY PEDAL; The Friedman Dirty Shirley all-tube am..


Electro-Harmonix pedal Nothing can compare to the organic sound of an..


The legendary EHX Bad Stone Phase Shifter resurrected! With prices of..


BELLE OVERDRIVE The pedal that inspired this circuit has been ar..


The Ripped Speaker is a modern fuzz with old school roots and pays ho..


The EHX Voice Box Vocal Harmony Machine and Vocoder packs a multi-fun..


Gearbox features modified versions of two of Brian Wampler’s best l..


Guitarists far and wide love Friedman’s original BE-OD overdrive pe..


Tone aficionados kept telling Mike Matthews about a pedal that had ac..


The Electro Harmonix POG 2 pedal has taken a new level to a new level..


The EHX Soul Preacher Compressor / Sustainer is a compact compressor/..


Electro-Harmonix melds heritage with select components to present the..


The polyphonic EHX Superego Synth Engine reinvents sample and hold, p..


The Worm is pure modulation maddnes in an all-analog multi-effects pr..


Electro-Harmonix's flagship overdrive/distortion covers vast tonal re..


The Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Harzarai is a true work h..

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