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Sabian Cymbals

With 11 cymbal series in 4 sound categories, SABIAN offers cymbals and sounds for every musical style, playing level and price. Cymbal series include Modern HHX (Dark) and AAX (Bright), as well as Vintage HH (Dark) and AA (Bright) cymbals. The VAULT series from the legendary SABIAN Vault includes modern, creative cymbal designs for groundbreaking players like Terry Bozzio and Jojo Mayer. In addition to its professional B20 Bronze cast cymbals, SABIAN also offers B8 Bronze models like APX, B8 Pro and B8, in addition to entry level SBr Brass cymbals.

If sound matters to you, SABIAN is the only choice. 

With a bright, shimmering sound and a multi-holed design increasing t..


Sabian cymbals have been one of the leading names for drummers since ..


The Sabian AAX 16 Inch V-Crash Cymbal has the bright sound of this cy..

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