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Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion Junior Size Electric Guitar - Black

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The Jackson Dinky JS1X Minion may be small of stature, but it still plays like a masterpiece. Jackson made sure that its core standards, a clean tone and superb playability, are conserved. To achieve this, they fashioned the body out of poplar. Besides offering a stable tone, poplar is also highly durable. It also sports a 22.5 inch scale length, so the frets are quite close together, ensuring that the Minion plays effortlessly. Its sound is also, as it features full-sized humbuckers for that great Jackson sound!

Here at World Music Supply, we have a vast assortment of Jackson guitars. This collection of Jackson Dinky are miniature beginner style or travel sized guitars. They are perfect, for you to teach your little metal head how to thrash, or for you to take with you on a long car ride. It is small, so it can easily be transported and your roommate won’t yell at you for taking along a guitar case that takes up all the room in the back of the car. For more guitars like this at an expected larger scale and size, check out all the Dinkys that Jackson offers, and you can purchase right here at World Music Supply.

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