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Latin Percussion LP1428NYBS Black Box Americana String Cajon

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The brand new just released at 2016 NAMM Americana Black Box String Cajon sports a handsome antique black finished, all wood body and Baltic Birch soundboard. This unit may look like it has taken a beating, but that's actually not true. It is completely new and designed by Latin Percussion to appear weathered and rustic. Relic-ing an instrument to make it look like it has been used to rock out many times has been an often requested feature, so many manufacturers will push their guitars out like that already. Truly an American Classic. The pictures you are seeing are of the real deal.

Cajon's have quickly become the go to percussion tool for acoustic musicians. Many people have began to take this originally purposed Latin Percussion instrument and incorporated it into worship songs, live shows, indie recording, and more. Because it has such a natural sound and that can be easily carried better than drum sets, some have even used them to replace drum kits all together.

String Cajons have (you guessed it) strings incorporated into the inside of the Box to make a sound that is comparable to a Snare Drum. Popping and snapping sounds radiate in different pitches to keep your acoustic guitar player in time and your band mates will be relived that he is. Adamas Phosphor Bronze strings provide super attack and sustain, so your sound will project loudly in an acoustically acceptable room.

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