Drum Microphones

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CAD Audio D12 Premium Cardiod Dynamic Kick Microphone

Dialed in at the factory for the thump and crack of your kick drum. T..


CAD Audio KBM412 Cardioid Dynamic Kick Microphone

You know how you need your kick drum to feel. Deep and powerful with ..


CAD Audio TSM411 Supercardioid Dynamic Snare Microphone

The TSM411 is a compact and rugged dynamic microphone designed for hi..


CAD Audio ICM417 Cardioid Condenser Overhead Microphone

Experience transformerless point sources over your head. Phase linear..


CAD Audio TOURING7 Premium 7-piece Drum Microphone Pack

The CAD Touring 7 Premium Drum Microphone Pack is an affordable 7-pie..


CAD Audio STAGE7 7-piece Drum Microphone Pack

The CAD Stage7 is a 7-microphone drum package complete with microph..


CAD Audio C9S Cardioid Condenser (Matched Pair of 2 Mics)

Designed for drum overheads. Features include hi-pass filter and atte..


Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Package System

The Shure DMK57-52 Drum mic package is the Shure way to get your kit ..


Shure BETA52A Dynamic Bass Drum Mic

The Shure Beta 52 is designed specifically for low end. Used mainly ..


CAD Audio Equitek E70 Modular Dual-capsule Condenser Microphone

Why decide when you can have both? Omnidirectional capsule for flat n..


Audio Technica Hypercardioid dynamic instrument microphone

A natural with high SPLs, the new ATM250 hypercardioid dynamic is tai..


Audio Technica AE2500 dual-element instrument microphone

The ultimate kick-drum mic, the Artist Elite AE2500 dual-element inst..


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