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Lp Latin Percussion Bell Diablo Cowbell Red with Black Devil Graphics

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Possibly the most controversial and provocative cowbell in the extensive LP collection, the LP Bell Diablo will appeal to drummers with attitude. A bell that draws its wicked timbres and devilish looks from down under—in this instance, not Australia—the LP Bell Diablo now sees the light of day. The Diablo will wreak vengeance when summoned, slicing through clouds of volume the definitive, cutting projection and raspy, threatening tone. And that tone originates from whence this bell emerges, deep in the depths. The demonic low fundamental tone and blood red finish, inscribed in the blackest black with graphics depicting The Horned One, will appeal to any drummer or percussionist with a pagan sensibility.

The introduction of LP’s Bell Diablo is timely. In the drum world, snare drums and entire kits illustrated with war lords and armored swordsmen are the rage. The Diablo bell slides into such kits as easily as a stake through a heart. Equipped with LP’s proven and (under) world renowned eye bolt assembly it locks to the neck of any conventional 3/8” rod and will not relinquish its fiendish grip despite continuous blows.

Ensuring it will outlive all other bells, the LP Bell Diablo is constructed from 14-gauge steel that will grin slyly as it is pounded unmercifully with mallets, fists, mere timbale sticks and thick 2B drumsticks. As the drummer’s performance ascends to a feverish pitch, the razor sharp robust tone will state the time indelibly, evoking further howling and screaming.

The Diablo bell features the same sturdy construction that has made LP cowbells durable beyond earthly standards. And, of course, the low fundamental tone is balanced with a shrieking top-end attack that slashes through the feeble cries of amp stacks. A full and throaty tone, dressed in a bold red cloak—did someone say Death Metal?

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