Ovation Logo Tee Shirt - Charcoal - Large

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Ovation brand logo

Ovation Logo Tee Shirt - Charcoal - Large
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Go in style with an Ovation logo T-Shirt!

This shirt lets you proudly display your love for music. In the early 1960s, guitar virtuoso and game-changing engineer Charlie Kaman set out to find the sound he always knew but never heard. He discovered it in 1966, the Ovation guitar was born. Ovation's guitars have a very distinctive style and presence when played on stage. The look is nothing short of impressive with their unique shapes and smooth lines which are stylistically distinct and produce remarkable tonal clarity

Ovation guitars are known for their round backs that gives them a recognizable shape. Thin necks and their distinctive shapes and designs have been a staple in the design as well. Want to show the world that you are a true bread winner? Pick up this shirt now, available now at World Music Supply!

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  • Finish/Color: Charcoal
The History of Ovation Guitars

The History of Ovation Guitars

In 1966, that's exactly what the music industry was asking. After all, what is a successful helicopter manufacturer doing in the guitar making industry?