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Zildjian Low Volume Set L80 Cymbals and Remo Silentstroke Heads

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As a leader in cymbal making, Zildjian is always looking for new and innovative ways to bring a better musical experience to the drumming community. One area where all drummers commonly express dissatisfaction is the use of neoprene pads, mutes, and other dampening devices on cymbals to practice at reduced volumes. This is true especially for drummers in densely populated cities. How are you to actually know what you sound like when you cant feel or hear it? With drumming being a highly tactile instrument, Zildjian has come up with the solution the Low Volume Family of cymbals.

Remo's Silentstroke mesh drumheads solve one of the most common issue - practice volume. Now you don't have to compromise playing-feel with thick rubber pads that don't give you a natural response, or ruin your gigging heads with ineffective dampers. These heads fit your acoustic drums to drop playing volume exponentially while still giving you the acoustic tone of your kit. End your practicing frustrations with Remo's Silentstroke mesh drumhead.

Zildjian L80 Cymbal/Remo Silentstroke Drumhead Pack Features:

  • Zildjian L80s sound and respond like real cymbals
  • Up to 80% softer than traditional cymbals
  • Remo Silentstroke mesh heads reduce the volume of your acoustic kit
  • Play with any stick, mallet, or technique
  • Perfect for practice and low-volume rehearsals and performances
  • This boxed set includes:
    • 14" L80 Low-volume hi-hat pair
    • 16" L80 Low-volume crash
    • 18" L80 Low-volume crash/ride
    • 10", 12", 14", 16", and 22" Silentstroke drumheads

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