Novation AFX STATION Limited Edition 25-Key Synthesizer Controller

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Novation AFX Station: The modern classic monosynth, remixed by Aphex Twin Designed in collaboration with electronic music legend Richard D James aka Aphex Twin, AFX Station is a limited edition of Bass Station II. A sound designer’s dream, AFX Station has the same powerful feature set as Bass Station II, with the addition of AFX Mode pre-installed, which revolutionises the way the monosynth can be played and programmed.

AFX Mode Perfect for sequencing and arpeggiation, every key on the instrument can become a new patch, making it a powerful analogue drum machine, a flexible sound design tool, or a killer bass or lead module. With striking purple reveals and the famous ‘A’ insignia, it’s an instant collector’s item. 

Artist-created soundset AFX Station ships with 128 new synth patches and seven new overlay banks from Noyze Lab, Perplex On, Richard Devine, r beny and Lightbath, which channel the creative vision of Aphex Twin and provides you with lots of sound design inspiration.

The iconic Bass Station II Bass Station II was released in 2013, and has been a go-to monosynth for music and sound artists on stage and in the studio ever since. Bass Station II features two oscillators, a multimode filter, amp and filter modulation, step sequencing and an arpeggiator. It is loved for its simplicity, ease of control and — last but certainly not least — its immense sound.


Hardware & controller assignment 25 note synth-action keyboard Aftertouch can be assigned to modulate: Filter frequency LFO 1to Osc pitch Osc 2 speed Pitch wheel Modulation wheel can be assigned to: LFO 2 to filter frequency LFO 1 to Osc pitch Osc 2 pitch Octave up/ down buttons New se64 factory presets 64 slots for user patches (and patch dump facility for storing more) Master volume dial Inputs and Outputs USB MIDI (for connecting & powering Bass Station II via host computer) Mono output on 1/4" TRS jack Headphone output on 1/4" TRS jack External input on 1/4" TRS jack Sustain pedal input on 1/4" TS jack MIDI IN / MIDI OUT ports on 5 pin din DC power input Switch between power off / DC powered / bus powered Synth Engine Oscillators Osc 1 Osc 2 Sub Osc (3) Noise generator Osc 1 & 2

Select between waveforms:

Sine Triangle Sawtooth Square/variable pulse width Features

Sync 1 & 2 Detune Octave range Pitch bend Pitch modulation from Mod Envelope and/or LFO 1 Pulse width modulation from Mod Envelope and/or LFO 2 Sub Osc (3) which is tracked to Osc 1

Select independently between waveforms:

Sine Square Narrow pulse Features

All modulation and tuning tracked to Osc 1 Independent octave select Mixer Osc 1 level Osc 2 level Sub Osc level Noise generator level Ring modulation depth External signal level Filter Two filter types:

Acid type (diode ladder filter design) Classic type (derived from original Bass Station) Features

Cutoff Resonance Overdrive Filter frequency to Mod Envelope depth Filter frequency to LFO 2 depth Select 'Classic' filter between:

Low pass Band pass High pass 12dB slope 24dB slope Envelopes Two ADSR Envelopes (Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release)

Amp Envelope Mod Envelope Combined control of both Envelopes Select triggering mode between:

Single trigger (holds envelope state when new note is played) Multi trigger (re-triggers with every new note played) Autoglide (engages portamento)  VCA limiter LFO Two LFOs each selectable between:

Triangle Sawtooth Square Sample and hold Both LFOs independently adjustable between rate and delay time Key sync LFO 1 & 2 LFO slew on LFO 1& 2 (low pass filter on the LFO waveform) Arpeggiator Up to 32 different patterns Select between 1-4 octave range Swing function Select direction: up down up / down 1 up / down 2 As played Random Latch (hold the arpeggiator) Up to four sequences Assign one of 32 preset rhythms or create your own insert rests or legato (slide) Sequencer re-trigger function
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